Ringing in the New Year…with a Beachball?

Here at Signature HealthCARE Fort Wayne we have to improvise at times. Since we didn’t have a lighted, Swarovski-crystal laden ball to drop at midnight, we chose another way to celebrate counting down to midnight. We decorated a balloon, donned masks and caps, counted down to noon, then played beachball volleyball with our version of the New Year Ball. Happy New Year to all!

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Fantasy of Lights

Five residents spent Thursday evening enjoying a bus ride through the Blue Jacket Fantasy of Lights at Franke Park. “It was really spectacular,” commented Mary Ann Huffman, who went to see the display for the first time since moving to Fort Wayne. After the ride through the park, the bus took a turn downtown to enjoy numerous light displays, including the famous Wolf & Dessauer Santa Claus and Christmas Wreath displays. “This will become an annual event here at Signature HealthCARE Fort Wayne,” said QOL Director Cathy Schrock. “It is a big part of Fort Wayne and the surrounding communities every year, and we’d like to make it part of our annual tradition, too.”

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Pizza Party to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Oh, the delicious smells! Pizza and homemade cookies, made by volunteer Claudia, were enjoyed by all in celebration of New Year’s Eve today. Along with music and sodas, the joy of the New Year filled our dining room as the residents feasted, celebrated the arrival of 2019, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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Anniversary Celebration

Don and Arnita LaRue celebrated their wedding anniversary here at Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne on December 20. For their private fete, they enjoyed Logan’s Roadhouse steaks, baked potatoes, asparagus, and strawberry margarita cheesecake by candlelight. Don also presented Arnita with a diamond ring! Congratulations, LaRues!

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Christmas Cookie-Palooza

Residents at Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne volunteered their time to bake and decorate Christmas Cookies this year for our Christmas Party on December 14. They made a party out of this activity; lots of sticky fingers and smiles filled the room, as well as holiday music and cheer.

Down on the Farm

Recently our residents enjoyed a holiday shopping spree for their friends and families at Darlington Farms, a holiday-only shopping venue. They were treated to free hot dogs, chips, and water bottles by a local radio station once their shopping extravaganza was over. This is one of the most popular outing destinations for our Fort Wayne residents every holiday season.

Hall of Fame 2018

This year’s inductees from¬†Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne include 3 former nurses and one CNA. All three resident honorees (Sandy Gianopoulos, Cherie Beaver, and Mary Ann Huffman) were nurses for a combined total of over 60 years. Our stakeholder honoree (Vickie Drew) has worked here at Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne for 21 years. These amazing ladies represent the best of us all, and we couldn’t be prouder of them!

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Two of our employees, Karen and Jen, participated in our company’s “Why I Care” campaign this week. Stay tuned for more…

Trunk or Treat 2018

We had our Annual Trunk or Treat event here at SHC Fort Wayne on Monday! The residents took part by dressing up or wearing masks, passing out candy in the halls and greeting the children and their parents. Several stakeholders and outside vendors participated in the Trunk or Treat, which was well received by all who attended.