Bravissimo, Mr. Bravo!

Andrew Bravo came to us with a need for rehabilitation. He worked hard to achieve his goals, and now he is able to return home with his family. Congratulations on a job well done, Mr. Bravo!


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National Day of Prayer

Tuesday, May 2, was the National Day of Prayer across our country, and Chaplain Carolyn Sherrill put together a wonderful program for all stakeholders, elders, and visitors. Featuring music by friends from the community, stakeholders, and an elder, this program brought us all together to be led by community leaders and pastors in prayer for our facility, community, city, state, and nation. It was a powerful time together; we are looking forward to more of the same this summer as we host a Tent Revival!

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Fort Wayne Artists’ Guild Show

Today we took an outing to the Gallery at the Main Branch of the Allen County Library. The current art display is the Fort Wayne Artists’ Guild’s Annual Members Show, featuring works exclusively by artists from Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. We were amazed by the differing types of paintings (oil, watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, pastel, pencils, etc.) and the subjects that were chosen for each piece, but most of all that there are so many talented artists right here in northeast Indiana! Hats off to you, local artists, and all the hard work you put in to enrich our lives.

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Movie Marathon Slays Winter Blues

One of our younger residents requested to hold a movie marathon sometime in the evening, so Activity Director Cathy Schrock set up the time and date, took names & ordered pizza, provided plates & pop, and we were off! About 15 residents gathered in the Town Hall at supper time and were treated to a supper of pizza and pop while watching several movies from our residents’ DVD collection. Humor was the choice du jour, so we watched Ernest Goes to Africa and Anchorman 2, which helped to chase away the cold, gray Indiana winter blues!

2019 Winterval

Signature was a proud sponsor of the 2019 Winterval held in downtown Ft. Wayne. Families enjoyed making edible crafts, playing games, carriage rides and ice sculptures!

What Better Cold-Day Activity is there?

Today’s high was only 36, so the residents chose a cooking activity today: baking some pumpkin cookies! They helped along the process, from mixing to plopping dough on the baking sheet to topping each blob of dough with powdered sugar. And, OH, were those cookies yummy!

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Wind Ensemble Beats the Blues

The Wind Ensemble from Fort Wayne Philharmonic visited us today, bringing bright, cheery music that wafted up and down the hallways and drove away the wintertime-cloudy-day blues, if only for an hour. Our newest resident, who plays bongo drums, was taken back in time; his hands were busy throughout the musical program, and he even stood up behind the group at one point and was directing the musicians! A huge shout-out to Audiences Unlimited, the non-profit organization who brought this group to our facility.

Pizza Party to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Oh, the delicious smells! Pizza and homemade cookies, made by volunteer Claudia, were enjoyed by all in celebration of New Year’s Eve today. Along with music and sodas, the joy of the New Year filled our dining room as the residents feasted, celebrated the arrival of 2019, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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