First Annual Memorial Service

Signature of Ft. Wayne held its first annual memorial service for residents that have passed on in 2018. Chaplain Carolyn orchestrated the program with guest speakers, music and a reading to honor past residents and their families.

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Have Faith in Your Future

How confident are you in regard to the days and years ahead? Confidence probably depends on how you feel on a particular day, who you are surrounded by, and the circumstances that invade the space of each moment. The Department of Spirituality at Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne integrates a fabric of Sacred Six values to create a mission statement underscoring spirituality, leading to hope and healing. The INTEGRITY of Signature Healthcare of Fort Wayne relies on the trust and daily demonstration of TEAMWORK by its stakeholder staff; their primary services are centered on PATIENCE and COMPASSION, which create an atmosphere of POSITIVITY and yields RESPECT from its residents, their families, and the community. These are the ingredients which support, encourage, and edify us to be a healing society in a broken world. This underscores the necessity for you, the reader, to have faith in your future!

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Light in Darkness

The Indiana winter days are short on daylight with numerous days consisting of skies that are grey and overcast. The nights of darkness arrive early. Lately, sad and dark media news has further darkened our days, causing many to be concerned and at times, frightened. People of faith, however, know that light cannot be overtaken by darkness.

At Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne, our light shines because we are a society of healing in a broken world. Our Sacred Six core beliefs provide hope and healing based on a foundation of integrity, compassion, positivity, respect, teamwork, and patience. We let our light shine in and through others.

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Have Faith in Your Future!


A pillar of emphasis at Signature HealthCARE of Fort Wayne is the interfaith Signature Chaplain program. Chaplain David Koenig serves with hope and humility, and strives to meet the needs of the residents, stakeholders and family members.

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